How Property Tax Appeal/Protest Works

We receive your protest paperwork and begin working to assess the value of your home.  Once we have a good value, we compare it against what the tax appraisal office has listed the value of your home to be.

Next, we await the informal protest process and negotiate the fair market value with the tax appraiser.  Generally, most negotiations will end at this stage and we will have a successful outcome.  If we do not feel that the negotiations are fair, we will contact you at this point and determine whether you would like us to go through a formal protest.  If you choose to go through the formal process, we will attend the formal protest on your behalf.

Recent Success

Over the last few years, we’ve completed hundreds of protests and have a 95% success rate in reducing the appraised value of the properties.  Those that we were able to reduce ranged anywhere from a 2% reduction to a 30% reduction.

  • One property had been increasing in value for multiple years and our client decided to protest.  We were able to take their property from $418,950 down to $386,587 in market value.  An 8% reduction or $32,363 reduction in market value.
  • Another property was assessed much higher than the purchase price for the home in the same year.  So we were able to reduce the market value from $453,160 down to $325,000 – the purchase price.
  • Another property went from $190,880 to $170,000 due to the condition of the home.

How Property Taxes Are Calculated

Generally, the appraisers look at fair market value to determine what your property taxes will be.  Therefore, the comparative listings in your neighborhood are an important factor to consider.  Once the fair market value of your property is determined, then each taxing authority calculates their property taxes at their scheduled rate by multiplying their percentage against the fair market value of your home.

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Can't I Do this Myself?

Yes, you definitely can protest your property taxes yourself. However, hiring a law firm to do this will ensure that all the correct steps are taken without having to take time out of your busy life. We will prepare the appropriate evidence, including comps for your home, attend your informal hearing, as well as your formal hearing. This all takes time and your time is valuable. Hiring us will let you enjoy your life.

Do I need to attend the hearings?

No, you do not need to come to the hearings. All we need from you is a signed form which gives us the authority to protest your property taxes for you. Without this form filled out, the engagement agreement, and payment, we cannot represent you.

Do you need anything from me?

Yes, we need your signed form, engagement agreement, and payment prior to our representation of you beginning. If you have any photos of the condition of your property, those are helpful as well. Finally, if your contact information changes during our representation of you, please let us know.

Will anybody come out to my house?

If we feel that we need to take our own photos of your property, we will coordinate with you to have one of our staff members come to your home. Sometimes, but very rarely, if the appraisal district feels that there may be a square footage miscalculation, they may need to do a field inspection. Again, this is rare. The appraisal district is busy during property tax protest season. So the likelihood of them visiting your property is very small. Again, we request that if you have photographs of your property that help with showing the condition of your property, you send them to us, referencing your property address.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, the Texas Comptroller imposes a May 31 deadline. Some exceptions may apply.

Can I negotiate your fees if I have multiple properties?

No. For residential properties, we believe our flat fees are reasonable and fair. If you own commercial properties, please contact our office directly for those fees.

Does protesting my property taxes make it harder to sell my home?

No. Property tax assessments are different than real estate assessments for the sale of a property. When you choose to sell your home, your licensed real estate professional will be able to guide you in the real estate market and the value of your home for sale. Property tax appraisals are a measurement of your property’s worth, but not what people are willing to pay for your home.

Is there any risk in hiring you?

We do not believe there is a risk in hiring us. Sometimes, the appraisal panel may choose to raise property value assessments. However, this is very rarely done. If we feel that protesting your property taxes is not going to be favorable, we will let you know immediately. If this is the case, and you ask us to stop our protest and withdraw our representation, prior to our attendance at a hearing, we will refund you $100.

Are your services guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee savings. We feel our flat fees are reasonable and fair for the time involved in protesting your property taxes. We will guarantee that we will do our best to reduce your property taxes. But it must be said that not all properties are over-appraised. So if your property is not over-appraised, we cannot reduce your property taxes as they are either correctly valued or already below appraisal values for your area. If, prior to going to a hearing we feel your property taxes are appraised appropriately or under-appraised, we will let you know. If you decide to withdraw your protest prior to our attendance at a hearing, we will refund you $100 of your flat fee.

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Why Hardesty Law Office

The Hardesty Law Office has experience in representing clients in a wide range of areas, property tax protests being one of them. We believe in a client-centered approach where the client is getting great services for a great value. We do the heavy lifting to help you reduce your property taxes so that you can enjoy your life and family.

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If you choose to send us additional information, please make sure your property address is clearly listed in the subject line of any email or on a cover sheet to any mailed documents.

  • Photos of your property that may show a less than desirable condition your property is in.
    – Examples include: Foundation, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.
  • Any estimates from contractors to correct your less desirable conditions
  • Environmental factors that may affect your home’s value
    – Examples include: Noise Problems, Nearby Commercial Properties, High Traffic Areas etc.
  • Land issues
    – Examples include: Drainage Issues, Oddly Shaped Lots, Grading Issues, Flood Zones, Zoning Issues etc.
  • Building permits pulled in the last 5 years.
  • Unfinished construction
    – Examples include: Incomplete Remodel, Unfinished Rooms, Unfinished Spaces, Partially Completed Rooms, Partially Completed Projects
  • If your home is currently listed for sale, your listing information.
  • If you have recently purchased your home, your closing statement.
  • If your home is an older home, any items that are out of date or need remodeling. This is especially helpful if new homes are being built
    or homes that are being sold have been remodeled and yours is older and hasn’t been remodeled.
  • Anything else you feel would help show the appraisal district that your home is lower in value than appraised.


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