Efficiently Managing the Probate Process

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Texas Probate Attorney

Managing the probate process following the death of a family member is emotional and stressful. The probate process can be overwhelming, especially for individuals who are fiduciaries or exactors. We assist beneficiaries or fiduciaries with all stages of will probate or trust administration.

We work with fiduciaries to ensure the management and distribution of the will or trusts are done in an efficient and prudent manner to avoid additional costs to the estate or trust. When representing beneficiaries, we ensure fiduciaries fulfill their legal obligations and reviews assets distribution to ensure compliance.

Our expertise includes developing and managing administration plans, coordinating with beneficiaries and fiduciaries, federal estate tax returns and asset distribution.

For contested wills or trusts, we work with beneficiaries or fiduciaries. Often siblings have different opinions over guardianships and conservatorships especially when one sibling provided more support to the deceased parent.

We understand the financial cost and emotional stress involved should the will or trust move to probate litigation. Our goal is to determine the most cost-effective method for resolving the contested will or trust.

As expert litigators, our attorneys work diligently to protect the wealth of the estate and to ensure the proceedings are conducted in a fair and respectable manner. As your advocates, we skillfully navigate the tedious litigation process.

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