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Conveniently and centrally located nearby in Midlothian, Texas, the Hardesty law office serves the entire DFW metroplex, including not only Ellis but Dallas and Tarrant Counties. The Hardesty Law Office was founded to provide legal services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations with the personal attention and legal expertise they deserve. We can assist you in all areas of law that touch on the family, such as divorces, child custody, child support, estate planning, probate, guardianship, and criminal matters. We also help incorporate clients in business formations, general counsel help and contract drafting.



Our attorneys represent business owners in all stages of corporate law from entity formation to contract preparation and review, to purchasing or selling a business. Depending on the services required, our firm offers flat fee, hourly or hybrid billing options. Our firm offers the benefits of in-house counsel on an as needed basis.



Do I need a lawyer near me?  The answer is probably yes.  We represent clients in criminal defense matters in Ellis County. If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime in Ellis County, we can handle your cases in Texas state, federal and juvenile courts. We take all criminal cases, including sex crimes, DWI, theft, assault, drug crimes, license suspensions, and class C issues.



Planning for the unknown is often difficult, as most of us seek to avoid the "what if's" of life. Often you are busy with your life and delay estate planning until something happens. Our attorneys will help you develop an estate plan that meets your needs and includes important documents and determining fiduciary and guardianship responsibilities for your loved ones.



Our attorneys offer comprehensive family counsel. We understand the complexities of relationships covered by family law, especially when children are involved. Our approach when working with clients is a combination of compassion, legal knowledge, and experience.



Our attorneys understand the importance of developing a guardianship plan to avoid a court-appointed guardianship. We understand the importance of having a written instructions directing care should you be incapacitated. We are committed to helping you and your family.



Probating a family will or trust can be emotional and stressful. Our attorneys assist families and individuals with uncontested and contested probate matters. Our approach combines compassion with legal knowledge and experience. Our attorneys understand which legal matters must be addressed immediately to minimize the impact on the family and protect the estate.



The focus of our mediation practice is to help you resolve your conflicts by utilizing our experiences in our practice areas. Our knowledge and experience help you understand the particular intricacies of each dispute in such a way to lead the parties toward resolution.

  • Lindsey and her staff were so professional, respectful, informative and effective!!!! I am going to recommend her to everyone I know!!! Thank you Hardesty Law Firm for giving me peace of mind!!

    Teresa Fennell Avatar Teresa Fennell
  • We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of people available to us in our community. Mr. Tim Hardesty has been very helpful and we have truly enjoyed going through this entire process of legal papers with him. His staff are all very friendly and helpful as well.. We never leave their office without feeling "heard", "job accomplished" and a smile on our faces.. I would recommend this law office to anyone who needs any kind of legal advice or legal work done.

    Thank you Hardesty Law Office, Midlothian, Texas

    Teri Avatar Teri
  • Lindsay and her staff are amazing. Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable, and I would absolutely recommend her and her staff to my friends and family. If you need help, definitely give them a call.

    dsshowhorses Avatar dsshowhorses
  • Mrs Lindsay Harrison was so good and amazing to me and my family I will definitely use her again

    Demontre Brown Avatar Demontre Brown
  • Lindsay was so helpful with my difficult situation. I absolutely loved the level of attentiveness she gave. Would highly recommend.

    Chastiny Smith Avatar Chastiny Smith
  • Today, I received the most wonderful news in regards to my case. Thank you so much, Lindsay Harrison & team. You guys have been such a blessing to me. The sweetest & most professional law office I know. Thank you for always keeping me up to date and being organized with everything that you do.

    I honestly would give them a 10/10 & not only because they dismissed my case but because of how genuine, professional and organized that they are.

    Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I appreciate y’all so much !

    Yanitza Ambers Avatar Yanitza Ambers

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