custodial parental rights

How Does Paternity Affect Custodial Parental Rights?

Family court judges have one thing in mind: the best interests of the child. That’s what drives their decisions and tells them how to rule. In most cases, the judge will want to keep the child’s life as undisturbed as possible. They’re already going through a lot in the divorce proceedings and they don’t like…
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parenting plan

The Child Custody Process and Creating a Parenting Plan

There are over two million marriages in the United States and over 827,000 of them end up in divorce. Divorce is heartbreaking but the situation is even more crucial if you two have children. Divorced parents require an extra step in the divorce process — child custody and establishing a parental plan. This ensures your…
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estate probate attorney

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way: 5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Probate Attorney

Funeral expenses. Sorting through personal possessions. Emotional healing. Life after the death of a loved one comes with a certain set of challenges. But haggling over property or money shouldn’t be one of them. According to Forbes, over $30 trillion will be inherited in the next 30 years. And given the money-motivated culture we live…
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probate law

When Do You Need a Probate Lawyer?

Have you recently lost a loved one? Need to deal with the probate process, but not sure where to start? Not sure if and when you should hire a probate attorney? The probate process can be a tricky thing. Especially when taxes and family conflict comes into play! But fear not, we’re here to help…
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What to include in a will

What to Include In a Will: 8 Key Elements

As Cam’Ron said in the classic film, Paid In Full, “People die every day.” In fact,?151,600 people die?every day on this planet, so you could even argue he was understating the issue. To prepare for your inevitable passing, you should definitely draw up a last will and testament, especially if you’re going to be leaving…
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How a Lawyer Can Help Setting Up a Trust

How a Lawyer Can Help You Set Up a Family Trust

Do you have a plan for your assets after you die? If you don’t, you’re not alone.?Less than half of Americans?have a will or trust in place. If you have young children, it’s especially important to be prepared. You want to leave your remaining family members with few questions about the administration of your estate.…
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Should I Adopt? 8 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Child

The family is an essential part of the human experience. It is for this reason that many people who are looking to start a family, or looking to expand their current family, often turn to adoption. Adoption can be a beautiful, life-affirming process for children and their adoptive parents. That said, adoption is seldom cut…
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how to become primary custodial parent

What You Need to Do in Order to Become the Primary Custodial Parent of Your Child

In their 2016 report, the United States Census Bureau stated that 13.4 million parents live with their 22.1 million children under the age of twenty-one, while the child’s other parent lived somewhere else. To learn how to become the primary custodial parent of your child, check out the following advice. We will take a look…
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hostile divorce

10 Crucial Tips for Getting Through a Hostile Divorce

While the ongoing research on divorce rates in the U.S. can be a?confusing and tedious statistic?to follow, most of us can agree, no matter what, divorce rates are high. There are many reasons for divorce. It could be you all fell out of love, an affair was involved, or lifestyle changes occurred that made it…
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emergency temporary custody

Times You Should File for Emergency Temporary Custody of Your Child

While it would be great if everyone had an upbringing that closely resembled an episode of “Leave it to Beaver” it’s not reality. In real life, sometimes families fall apart. There are times when a parent isn’t healthy for a child to be around. And there are times when a tragic loss leaves a child suddenly without…
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how to find best child custody lawyer

How to Find the Best Child Custody Lawyer

We’ve recently heard a lot about the separation of parents from their children at the?US-Mexico border?as reported on the news. But, what many forget is that thousands of children are taken away from their parents every year. Sometimes, this is necessary for the child’s protection and welfare. However, other times, the?removal of a child?from his…
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estate planning attorney

How to Create a Bullet-Proof Estate Plan with an Estate Planning Attorney

Imagine your home being given to a scornful ex after you die. Or what about your investment account being distributed to an acquaintance rather than your own children. That’s exactly what can happen if you don’t have a will in place. But when you have the foresight to create a will with the help of…
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