3 Reasons Why You Need a Civil Litigation Lawyer

civil litigation lawyer

With about 16 million civil court cases filed every year, courts are more overcrowded and overloaded than ever. If you’re thinking of filing a civil court case, you could be one of the millions of people who go without legal counsel. Without a civil litigation lawyer, you might find it challenging to navigate the court system.

With nearly 90% of litigants going unrepresented, if you’re faced with a lawsuit, you could be fighting an uphill battle. Going without a lawyer cuts your chances of winning a lawsuit in half. Having a lawyer by your side will help you to make sure you win your case.

If you’re heading to court soon, you might not be sure whether or not you should hire an attorney. If you’re heading to court for any of the following 4 reasons, you should bring a civil litigation attorney along to help.

1. You’re Settling An Alimony Case

If you’re looking to settle an alimony case, you’ll have a steep climb ahead of you. No matter what side of the case you’re on, having someone to help negotiate for you can make the difference between whether you have to pay or receive money.

For someone on a tight budget, a steep alimony payment might make it impossible for you to get by. Alternately, if you’re the primary caretaker of a child and have to do it alone, you might have trouble affording the necessities.

2. You’re Dealing With A Personal Injury Case

If you were a victim of an accident with someone else clearly at fault, you need someone who isn’t dealing with the fallout to think clearly about your case. A competent attorney can ensure that you put together a strong case tracking your bills, pain, and suffering due to the accident.

Should you end up on the other side of the case, someone could be trying to sue you for more than you could possibly pay. A good attorney will be able to see clear issues with the other side’s case and help you avoid unnecessary payments.

3. You’re Filing A Discrimination Suit

Unless discrimination or sexual misconduct occurred in a direct and written manner, which is rare, you’ll need to put together a case to support your claim. No company or employer wants to be branded with bigotry so they could bring in some serious legal firepower to fight back.

A civil litigation attorney can help you reach a settlement or else help you to construct an airtight case.

A Civil Litigation Lawyer Will Help You Win

Hiring an attorney might seem out of your price range but if you’re looking to win your case, it’s a must. You might be surprised at how inexpensive your case could be. If you find a law firm you want to work with, ask about alternative pricing or having a clerk handle your case to end up paying less.

If you’re interested in finding an attorney who will handle your case with care, contact us to help connect to the perfect match.

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