What to Include In a Will: 8 Key Elements

What to include in a will

As Cam’Ron said in the classic film, Paid In Full, “People die every day.” In fact,?151,600 people die?every day on this planet, so you could even argue he was understating the issue. To prepare for your inevitable passing, you should definitely draw up a last will and testament, especially if you’re going to be leaving…

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How an Attorney Helps Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs

living trust attorney

If you’re like most entrepreneurs – you’re a free-thinking, motivated and innovative person. You might think you have everything covered by your insurance, the money you’ve saved up over the years and a bit of luck. But without a living trust attorney, you can’t guarantee the future prosperity of you and your family. It doesn’t…

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How a Will Can Help with Your Estate Planning Strategy

simple will

Let’s face it: it’s no fun to write a will. There’s a reason why only 44 percent of Americans say they have a will that describes what will happen to their money and estate after their death. It might seem complicated, expensive, or flat-out depressing. But writing a will has never been easier. There’s no…

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The importance of estate planning

Our demise sometime in the future – which is inevitability -is not something we tend to take into consideration very well, the entire idea is ludicrous to us, this is more true when everything is going smoothly from the workplace to the home. Reality however has the tendency to hit hard ? it never knocks…

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Estate Plans — Why you need them

Hardesty Law Office Estate Planning Services

One of the most neglected areas in people’s lives is the drafting of their estate plans.? Many feel having a will or a trust is a luxury item, or something to do when you’re older and have significant amounts of assets.? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.? In fact, even if you don’t…

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Do you need to update your estate plan?

Estate Planning Law Services

Everybody knows or should know that they need an estate plan.? But all too often, people get their documents done and never look at them again.? Those who do review their plans often don’t know what they are looking for.? So here are some questions to ask every few years to ensure your estate plan…

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