Reasons why you shouldn?t and should get divorced

In the US, around 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Let that number sink in for a minute before reading the rest of the article.

This culture of separation has cultivated an entire industry of lawyers and attorneys that thrive on spouses looking to end their relationship by sparring with each other both inside and outside of courtrooms. Sometimes the heated arguments devolve into physical blows in front of both the judge and the public at large ? this kind of behavior can influence which spouse gets sole custodial rights to their children and which one is on the sharp end of the ?visitation rights? stick.

Divorce proceedings are tiresome and tend to be emotionally draining and hit your wallet the hardest because of issues such as alimony and child custody. Divorce isn?t merely just two people cutting off ties with each other to retire into their own separate abodes ? the entire dilemma is full of consequences that can have lasting impacts on both the spouses and their children. This turbulent set of events needs to be handled with care which necessitates the hiring of a professional divorce lawyer in Waxahachie TX.

How do you go about making the right choice in selecting a professional lawyer from Waxahachie TX? One of the best ways of selecting the right lawyer is to gauge their interest level in your case. When not to select an attorney? The biggest indicator is if you see an ugly grimace forming on their tired faces whilst they peruse through your legal documents.

If the lawyer?s fees are soaring sky high, it will shave off a massive chunk of change from your bank account which will only add to the financial miseries for your family. We?re sure you didn?t think about all these hurdles when you were in the middle of making vows during your marriage ceremony but your decision to separate will directly impact your living standards.

For most lawyers in Waxahachie TX, you and your family are just another ?client? who should be milked for every last cent or penny you have ? there is an entire industry that counts on the massive divorce rates in the US, a burgeoning empire that seeks to gain from your loss in a heartless cash grab that can financially cripple the family for the foreseeable future.

Here?s a few reasons why you need to reconsider your divorce:

1) Think of the children

Children are emotionally unstable creatures who tend to get petrified when their families undergo even the tiniest of changes to the family hierarchy. There is a huge risk to their emotional, physiological and psychological development. Some divorces are so poorly handled that the entire fallout of the disastrous marriage crosses over to the children, scarring them completely.

Usually families empty their financial coffers after losing it all in courts and legal fees and this can hamper the child?s opportunities of going to a good college in the future. After all, statistics point out that 50% of children miss out on attaining a college education when their parents have the financially draining ?joint custody? arrangement.

The emotional scarring that children undergo following the aftermath of a divorce has the tendency to stay with them for the long haul, usually well into adulthood. ?Which means that their own families have a higher chance in ending up broken. This starts a vicious circle in which subsequent families of future offspring also end in divorce. It is up to the parents to decide if their children can cope with major overhauls to the family system.

2) Divorce leaves you physically unwell

The one person in your life who was supposed to be there for you in both the good and the bad has left. The love which was shared between the two spouses has dwindled and in its place grows hatred, anger and spite. As humans, we tend to have an emotional void which gets filled up with either love or hate. The aftermath of a divorce fills one with dread, regret and depression which severely tends to affect their health. Indeed studies have shown that divorce tends to completely disrupt your life ? from minute details such as your sleeping habits to your brain?s physiological wellbeing.

Statistics have shown that unmarried people have a 20% higher chance of contracting chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Their crippling depression prevents them from partaking in healthy activities such a exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. Women seem to have longer lasting impacts of a separation since they tend to stay single for longer than their male ex-spouses. Their ability to reel in from the negative effects of divorce is directly linked with how quickly they?re able to find a replacement.

Sleep deprivation is a real problem with most people going through divorce. You are so frustrated and stressed over the loss of your partner that it disrupts your sleep pattern

3) It costs more to get unmarried than to get married

There are a myriad of costs associated with a divorce proceeding, these include court fees, costs for any parental classes the court might have assigned to you, mediation costs and the most hefty one ? your attorney?s fees. Other assets also come into play especially if there is real estate involved ? everything from the financing of your house down to the title deeds will have to be reevaluated, not to mention the entirely different set of attorneys you will have to consult with in order to facilitate smooth transactions. We recommend hiring a real estate lawyer from Waxahachie TX? if such large properties are involved.

There is the very high possibility of going completely bankrupt if you manage your finances poorly. Most couples are unaware of the hidden costs that seem to pop out of nowhere after separation such as taxes, investments funds that you may have entered into with your spouse and the ensuing costs needed to sustain the financial burdens of accommodating child custody, since each parent might be spending separately on the child.

It is advisable for both couples to amicably come to the terms of agreement of their divorce. Divorce proceedings that are characterized by long, drawn out court battles tend to be the most expensive ones which can carve a giant hole in both spouse?s bank accounts. Doesn?t it make sense to save some for your child?s college fund instead of wasting it out in legal battles that don?t really amount to anything in the long run?

Why divorce might really be the way out

It is time to end it when a marriage becomes toxic enough for one of the partners to act out in uncontrollable bouts of violent anger towards either the children or the spouse. It is perfectly understandable to have an emotional, psychological conflict marred by verbal chastisement ? what is not healthy is physical violence. The child could become collateral damage and become a victim to violence.











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