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5 Reasons to Consult a Probate Litigation Attorney in Burleson TX

Probate court litigation?is not simple. After a family member passes away, siblings may have different opinions over guardianships and conservatorships. You may want to?hire a probate litigation attorney to resolve a contested will or trust. Also, factors like love, money or control may lead to inheritance disputes. In some cases, probate court litigation is the…
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What to do if a loved one dies

It is always a difficult time when someone close to us dies. In the midst of the emotions and chaos, many people don?t know what they should do. The first thing to do is to take a deep breath and understand that nothing will happen overnight. Take the time to have the funeral and let…
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Estate Plans — Why you need them

One of the most neglected areas in people’s lives is the drafting of their estate plans.? Many feel having a will or a trust is a luxury item, or something to do when you’re older and have significant amounts of assets.? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.? In fact, even if you don’t…
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So you want a divorce…

Nobody gets married intending to get divorced.? But sometimes it happens.? If you’ve come to the point where you feel divorce is your best option, here are some things to think about doing and not doing: 1) Don’t air your dirty laundry in public or on social media.   If you are putting thing out…
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Do you need to update your estate plan?

Everybody knows or should know that they need an estate plan.? But all too often, people get their documents done and never look at them again.? Those who do review their plans often don’t know what they are looking for.? So here are some questions to ask every few years to ensure your estate plan…
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