5 Reasons to Consult a Probate Litigation Attorney in Burleson TX

probate litigation attorney

Probate court litigation?is not simple.

After a family member passes away, siblings may have different opinions over guardianships and conservatorships. You may want to?hire a probate litigation attorney to resolve a contested will or trust.

Also, factors like love, money or control may lead to inheritance disputes. In some cases, probate court litigation is the only way to resolve these disputes.

The American Bar Association points out probate court litigation may refer to a variety of legal situations:

  • Challenge of the validity of a will, i.e. will contest
  • Guardianship contests
  • Will and trust construction lawsuits
  • Trust termination suits

Working with an attorney ensures all parties involved understand the probate process. Plus, your lawyer could?prevent conflicts from escalating among family members and heirs.

Hiring a probate litigation attorney can make a world of difference in a probate case.

Here are five reasons to consult a probate attorney in Burleson, TX.

1. A probate litigation attorney will advocate on your behalf.

As an expert litigator, a probate attorney wants to protect the wealth of an estate.

A probate litigation attorney works for you and will advocate on your behalf throughout the complex probate litigation process.

Your attorney will do everything possible to ensure all proceedings are conducted in a fair and respectable manner.

2. A probate litigation attorney can help you minimize stress.

Let’s face it ? the probate process can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a probate litigation attorney can help you minimize stress.

A probate litigation attorney will assist beneficiaries or fiduciaries at all stages of will probate or trust administration.

By doing so, this attorney will ensure the management and distribution of a will or trust is completed carefully and efficiently.

3. A probate litigation attorney understands the short- and long-term ramifications of probate litigation.

A probate litigation attorney has a simple goal: to determine the most cost-effective method for resolving a?contested will or trust.

This attorney understands the financial and emotional consequences if a will or trust moves to probate litigation.

As such, he or she will work?with beneficiaries or fiduciaries to deliver the best results possible for all parties involved.

4. A probate litigation attorney may be able to offer litigation alternatives.

Unfortunately, inheritance disputes may occur after a family member passes on. With assistance from an attorney, you may be able to resolve these disputes before they escalate.

In many instances, a probate attorney will offer arbitration, mediation, and other litigation alternatives. If these techniques?fail, a probate?attorney can provide litigation support as well.

5. A probate litigation attorney can take the guesswork out of inheritance litigation.

A probate litigation attorney understands the complexities of inheritance litigation.

In fact, this lawyer may advise clients on a number of complicated inheritance issues, including:

  • Issues related to adopted children and/or non-traditional families
  • Emotional and psychological aspects of probate litigation
  • Problems related to the disposition of business assets

Perhaps best of all, an attorney is happy to listen to your probate concerns and queries and provide expert support at all times.

To find out more about how a probate litigation attorney in Burleson, TX can help you, please schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with?us today.

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