The 4 Essential Estate Planning Tips for LGBT Families

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Marriage equality has been a?tumultuous road in America.

In 2016 President Barack Obama declared “a victory for America” when The United States Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states.

And while this change has left many celebrating, there are legal ramifications for LGBT families that need to be considered.

In fact, with the current political climate and lingering questions of state and federal rulings, some wonder if the marriage equality ruling stands to be overturned.

It can be a stressful time for LGBT families to understand their rights in America.

And regardless of state and federal legislation, one thing is for certain:

LGBT families need to plan for the future. Because of the unique legal and social issues surrounding LGBT marriage and partnerships, it’s important to find the legal advice you can trust.

Don’t worry, Hardesty Law Office has your estate planning needs covered. Planning ahead with your estate means protecting your spouse or partner, your loved ones, and your beneficiaries every step of the way.

We can help. We’ve put together a list of 4 essential estate planning tips for LGBT families.

Let’s make sure you are planning ahead. Here we go:

1. Important Estate Planning Tips: Understanding The Law

Great legal representation can help you understand the changing legal ramifications surrounding LGBT families. Because of discrimination in the?eyes of the law LGBT families didn’t have to worry about some basic concerns until recently.

Because of discrimination in the?eyes of the law LGBT families didn’t have to worry about some basic concerns until recently.

For instance, common-law marriages were once only a worry for same-sex couples. Recent rulings have challenged this claim, starting a new precedent for LGBT couples and common-law marriages.

Whether or not you and your partner are legally married, it’s important to plan for your estate to protect you both and your beneficiaries.

2.?Extended Families and Probate

As with the above example, without proper planning your extended family or interested parties could challenge your estate should you or your partner pass away. This is also true for your adopted children, traditional children, and extended family members.

Without ironclad?estate planning you are running the risk of a dispute over the transfer of the estate.

Probate will cost your loved ones time and money. Preparing your estate accordingly will head off these problems.

3. Tax Implications

One of the biggest benefits of estate planning tips from experienced legal representation is avoiding possible tax issues. With estate planning for LGBT families, a lawyer can help prepare titles, trusts, and wills.

Performing these tasks with an eye toward tax exposure can help avoid surprises down the road.

4. Find Representation You Can Trust

The difference between failure and success in estate planning for LGBT families is the experience and understanding of your legal team.

Did you know that Rwan Hardesty has helped LGBT families plan their estates? She can offer expert advice and estate planning tips to protect you and your loved ones.

Skilled in every aspect of estate planning and probate, Rwan Hardesty can provide the unique insight your family requires.

Don’t wait.

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