The Probate Process in Texas

Welcome to adult life, where nothing is certain but death and taxes. Undoubtedly, death is inevitable and so; one must make sure that after their death, their loved ones receive what they legally deserve from the person?s estate by developing an authorized will. In Texas, probate attorneys?recommend creating a will under the supervision of an…
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probate litigation

Probate Litigation: The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

A little over 2.6 million Americans pass on every year. Of those who were old enough to have a will, around 55% left no will. There will also be a percentage of the existing wills that are questionably valid. These are just two possible reasons for probate litigation. Before you jump into challenging a will,…
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estate planning guide

An Estate Planning Guide: The Basics

Are you thinking about estate planning? It’s a smart thing to do, but not all that common. In fact, according to AARP, 60% of Americans don’t have wills or estate plans. Planning for a time when you’re no longer around can be emotionally?difficult,?but it’s critical for your family to know who get’s what from your…
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family trust fund

Guide: How to Set Up a Family Trust Fund

You’ve spent decades building a nest egg to take care of yourself. But do you have a will? Half the country does not. If you’ve been investing properly throughout your career, there’s a good chance this little egg has grown to close to seven figures or maybe more. “You can’t take it with you.” We’ve…
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will and testament

Why Drafting a Last Will and Testament Is so Important

No one wants to think ahead to their final resting days. But there are some essential documents you need in place before your death. A last will and testament will ensure the distribution of your assets to your loved ones in accordance with your wishes. Let’s take a look at the most important things to…
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grant of probate

Probate Procedure: How to Obtain a Grant of Probate

If you’re looking for information on how to obtain a grant of probate, you’ve almost certainly experienced the death of someone in your life. So first things, first: Our sincere condolences. The time following the death of a loved one is stressful enough without adding legal issues to the mix. The last thing you want…
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What To Do About Domestic Abuse ? You Don?t Deserve To Live In Misery

Every relationship is marred by imperfections stemming from tiny little fractures rooted deep within each partner?s personalities. These fractures can eventually devolve into full scale conflicts between both the spouses involving both emotional and physical violence. when a relationship reaches the tipping point where one partner subjects the other to frequent physical abuse, it is…
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Being the first to file for a divorce

  Sometimes there is so much friction in a marriage that both spouses can sense the inevitable separation ? the dreaded divorce. At this stage it becomes important for you to raise your guard and detect any subtle hints of what your spouse might be up to. ?They could be planning to file a divorce…
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How you can prepare for your first courtroom appearance

Whether it is divorce proceedings or child custody hearings, a visit to the courthouse is both mentally draining and is guaranteed to leave a gaping hole in your wallet. As with any life changing experience, it always helps to prepare for the situation before tackling it head on. It is important for you to get…
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Hardesty Law Office - Divorce and Custody

The Sad But Important Case Of Child Custody

After a marriage ends in separation (which most of them usually do these days), the brunt of the fallout spills over to the children ? if there are any. Each parent usually wants complete, uninterrupted custody of the child while desiring that their former better half have nothing to do with any decision-making over the…
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The Curious Case Of Divorces, and When You Need it

The thought of separation down the line rarely occurs to anyone, especially when when you finally seal the deal with your better half and get married. Marriage is more than just an act of permanently moving in with your spouse; it is a legal?commitment which can have lasting repercussions if not given the due importance…
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trust attorney

What to Look for in a Great Trust Attorney

If you’re considering a family trust, you’re likely to be shopping around for the right attorney to help you. But do you know what you should be looking for? If not, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll tell you all about how to pick the perfect attorney for the job. Read on for our top…
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